Planting Orchid Flowers

What exactly is special about orchid planting? Planting orchid is a spectacle that leaves the grower with that fulfillment in a flowering process. Consider these tips for a successful orchid growing using cymbidium for a case study.

If you’ve ever seen the orchid plant like cymbidium in the phase when it is in the flowering stage, you should observe spike shooting up and eventually turning yellow at the time the flower starts withering. Most times new growers are left confused on what to do, whether to cut or not to cut the spikes or just allow them whither naturally. To solve this particular problem you should understand what growing orchids are before any step is taken. flower delivery Ireland

Cymbidium is a popular spring and water flowering orchid for its features. The flower is unique for its waxy, thick flowers and also come with five petals that are pointed. The genus of the flowering orchid is about 44 species and all are native to the Asian origin. flower delivery dublin

Three types of cymbidium bulbs exist. The old back bulbs are first on the list. This has reserved food in it in a situation of emergencies. Old bulbs with leaves are the second. These have new growth support and are capable of producing flowers Dublin. The last is the leads or the new bulbs. They are the site in which flowers grow from.

It is lovely to observe cymbidium orchid as they are growing to flower. The cymbidium orchids come in a wide range of rainbow colors making them useful for home decorations during their flowering stage. The bulbs open up making the spikes bloom for two and three months.

At this time, it is advisable to put the plant in a place where the atmosphere is dry and hot. The atmosphere will make the plant to lose its leaves. You really don’t need to wait for the plant to die before removing them.

The last flower will begin opening up in about a month. By this time it is necessary to cut the spikes off so there is no interference with the next season’s growth. Peradventure the flower doesn’t flower, you should ensure to expose it to a higher degree of sunlight which would eventually force it to do so. Ensure to water during the growing season and also remove excess water that is not absorbed. You should use the orchid fertilizer at least once in the month in summer.

Ensure to put the flower in another pot within two or four years. The best sign you have is the growth of the plant bulbs to fill the pot. A healthy orchid will produce one or two bulbs every year from the previous year’s cultivation. As you re-pot, tease the root to remove dead roots and old potting remains.

You can divide the plant into at least two different plants by tearing the bulbs into two or more parts to produce beautiful and lovely orchids. The cymbidium should be large enough as much as possible.

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