Drying Your Fresh Flowers

Artificial flowers maintain their shiny, silky appearance forever, except if they are destroyed. The same cannot be said about natural flowers; they do not maintain their appearances for long, and they can get damaged after few hours or days. You may not know it, but you can preserve these natural flowers for a longer period. In fact, they can be preserved for decades to come. The best way to preserve your natural flower and make them retain their natural state for years to come is to use drying agents. Drying agents will dry off the water, leaving the petals and the leaves, which can now retain their beautiful colors for several years.

When next you want to get flowers delivered Dubai to a loved one, you can add a drying agent to the flower pack, and it will dry off the water and prevent the flower from rotting away. You must note that the dried flower will not look as radiant as the original one after several days of delivery, but the original flower arrangement will still be intact for decades to come; this is the main intention of drying flowers: for posterity sake. flowers dublin

The recipient of the bouquet of flowers can also apply the drying agent. If you have received a wonderful looking flower gift and you want to maintain that gift to remember the person that gave them to you, you can just add a drying agent to dry the flowers and maintain the beautiful gift. Very good example of drying agent to be used for this purpose is silica gel. It is very easy to come by. You can check many of the hobby stores or craft stores for it. Aside from silica gel, there are several other types of drying agents you can add to dry your flowers.

How can you add the drying agent? Place the drying agent in the gift box and arrange the flowers on it. Make sure the drying agent is fully covered by the flowers. After this, close the box and keep it aside for storage. Look for a dark spot in the home and store the flower there; leave it in storage for up to one month. By this time, the flowers would have dried. You can bring them out to have a look. The water might have been removed, but the arrangement of the flower will still be intact. When you want to order flowers Dublin, you can also ask for drying agents from the florist.

Instead of drying the flower using silica gel or other drying agents, you can opt for the electrical method of drying flowers. The electrical dryer will remove the water from the flower, and it will preserve the flower for a long time to come. While the drying agents will take up to one month to dry up the flowers, the electrical dryers take a far shorter period. If you do not have drying agent or electrical dryer, the flowers can also be dried by hanging them upside down in an airy environment.




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